We would like to ensure that all visitors to our website understand exactly what cookies are used to run Leakbot.io and how these a ect you as a visitor to our website.

Here you can learn more about website cookies and how to manage your cookie settings via your internet browser.

What are website cookies?

A cookie is a small text le which is stored by your internet browser when you visit a website.

Cookies are generally used to find out about and monitor your browsing preferences and activity. For example, leakbot.io may hide or display different types of information to you based on your previous visits to our website.

Most of the time, your browsing experience is likely to be enhanced through the use of cookies. For example, some types of cookie are used to enable the visitor to watch videos or complete online surveys, whereas others suggest products to a user based on their previous browsing
or purchasing history.

How does leakbot.io use cookies?

Leakbot.io uses a range of cookies to enable us to collect information about visitors to our website. This includes information such as visitor numbers to each of the pages on our site
and whether you visited our website via a search engine (such as Google or Bing). We may also use cookies to ensure you see relevant pages based your leak alert status and on actions you’ve taken previously.

Cookies and your privacy

Cookies allow us to collect information about visitors to our website in an anonymous manner. If, for any reason, we do wish to obtain personal information which may identify you, we will obtain it in a clear and fair manner and also explain what we plan to do with your information. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.