LeakBot reduces water damage claims by 70%

LeakBot prevents small leaks from becoming big claims for home insurers: Proven. Download the whitepaper to read the latest independent research by Consumer Intelligence

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Solving an industry wide problem

It is widely known that escape of water claims are a big problem for insurers with $17bn a year spent on escape of water losses in US and UK alone. It’s less well known that over half of these claims are caused by mains water leaks and that the majority are small, hidden leaks that cause damage over a period of time. Escape of water seems like a great use case for IOT but so far nobody has really cracked the code on how to do it at scale… until now.

A cutting edge, proven solution

LeakBot is the world’s first end-to-end, IoT escape of water claims mitigation solution that already has a proven commercial model and business case for insurers.

End-to-end B2B2C system

>80% self installation rate, micro-leak sensitivity, device and in-home service can be offered for free to homeowners

Patented solution to global problem

Invented, designed and manufactured in Britain. Exported internationally

Proven traction with major insurers

Multiple insurance companies deploying LeakBot across multiple countries

Watch us at DIA Amsterdam

LeakBot was the proud winner of the DIAmond Award at this year's Digital Insurance Agenda in Amsterdam. Watch our keynote and see how LeakBot’s unique end-to-end solution is already working alongside leading insurers to mitigate water damage claims.

LeakBot works alongside leading insurance brands in the UK, USA and Europe

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Read what our customers are saying

Great little gizmo and terrific service

Great little gizmo which I got through my Hiscox policy. I am not very DIY savvy to say the least but it was pretty easy to set up though, initially, I wasn't entirely sure I had done it correctly but I did start to get regular readings. Today I got an email saying my water usage was up and perhaps I should check my taps etc. In fact my wife had given the garden it's first serious watering of the year so far - and Leakbot picked it up! Terrific service.

Henry Keeling


What an amazing device....

What an amazing device. My wife left the outside tap dripping. Shortly after, I got an alert from Leakbot advising me of a possible leak. Checked taps, found dripping tap and turned it off. Fantastic... If that had been a leak in the system, it would have alerted me immediately possibly saving serious water damage. Fantastic device...

mR French


LeakBot picked up that there were 2…

LeakBot picked up that there were 2 leaks in my home. The engineer arrived and very quickly identified that the leaks were coming from the loft. The main leak was coming from a crack in the cold water tank. I am so pleased that I installed the LeakBot. I wouldn’t have known about the leak until extensive damage occurred so this has saved me a huge amount of money, stress and inconvenience

mrs maria sulman


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