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Solving an industry wide problem

It’s widely known that escape of water claims are a big problem for insurers with $16bn a year spent on escape of water losses in US and UK alone. It’s less well known that over half of these claims are caused by mains water leaks and that the majority are small, hidden leaks that cause damage over a period of time. Escape of water seems like a great use case for IOT but so far nobody has really cracked the code on how to do it at scale… until now.

A cutting edge, proven solution

LeakBot is the world’s first end-to-end, IoT escape of water claims mitigation solution that already has a proven commercial model and business case for insurers.

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End-to-End solution

LeakBot is the first end-to-end claims mitigation solution. The proposition for insurers consists of an easy-DIY-install consumer device and smartphone app, insurer dashboard and full Find & Fix field-service solution.

Expertise and unique tech

Detecting leaks is only part of the solution. Our network of specialist leak engineers all carry patented leak-location technology that guarantees the mains water supply is leak-free when they leave.

The LeakBot business case

LeakBot has a validated commercial model that has been proven and replicated multiple times in market. The model is designed to deliver a Year 1 ROI of 15% and over 40% ROI over 5 years.

Watch us at DIA Amsterdam

LeakBot was the proud winner of the DIAmond Award at this year's Digital Insurance Agenda in Amsterdam. Watch our keynote and see how LeakBot’s unique end-to-end solution is already working alongside leading insurers to mitigate water damage claims.

LeakBot works alongside leading insurance brands in the UK, USA and Europe

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A Worthwhile Visit

Didn't think the engineer's visit would be worthwhile, as we weren't aware of any problems - we were wrong !! The engineer not only tracked down and fixed three little leaks that could have led to trouble in the future, but also managed to find the internal stop-cock which no plumber had ever managed to find before. Overall, highly impressed.

Paul D. Bethel


Excellent service

Excellent service. Didn't know I had a leak but the leak bot alerted and an engineer was sent out. Found very small leak in the toilet cistern valve and the ball valve in the cold water tank. Replaced both valves to solve the small leaks, excellent.



Reassuring and great service

We have had a leakbot fitted for a while now and recently I received a small leak alert. We called leakbot and the engineer who came was great. He took time to explain the process for detecting and locating the small leak. The whole process was very impressive and quite scientific. This is a great system to provide an early warning of problems. Would recommend.



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